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Just in case things are a little confusing, we’ve created this  guide to help you along the way.

 **No sign up required for First issue/chapter of any series**  STEP ONE:  Create a FREE DTC Member account by filling out our member form available on our “Join Us” page, located in our main menu.

STEP TWO:   Activate your account via email and return to login either through that email or by navigating to “Member login” through our Main Menu.

STEP THREE:   Head over to our “Series” Page to scroll through all of our current projects/series.

You’ll quickly notice at the top of our series and every individually dedicated series page, a guide of reference that indicates the status of/or qualifications necessary to access certain content within that series.

(See Guide below)

⚪ = Unavailable/coming soon 🟩= Free/Visitor access🟢 = Free/Member access Required 🟡 = Fan Access Required 🔴 = Superfan access Required 🟣= Special access Required

STEP FOUR:   Enjoy our growing list of free/member content!

Progress bars and Countdowns are available on every dedicated series page for special events or content drop dates. The first three issues or chapters for any series will always be FREE/Member access, so you’ll always have a chance to decide what series is for you! (Keep in mind, as our catalog grows so will the amount of FREE/Member access content. 


STEP FIVE:   Get Access!

As a DTC Member you’ll notice the “Join Us ” tab has disappeared from the main menu and has been replaced with our “Get Access” tab. Click it and choose the type of access you’re looking for.

  • DTC FAN: Access unlimited content hassle-free. Enjoy exclusive designs in our upcoming Subscriber Shop.
  • DTC SUPERFAN: Elevate your DTC Fan perks with exclusive fast track access and behind-the-scenes content, featuring sneak peeks of sketches, panels, and designs.

STEP SIX:   Chat with us in Forum! Navigate once more to our Main Menu and Select “Forum” to get started!

Once logged in, you’ll notice all Members, Fans, and Superfans have access to our Forum. There will also be tier exclusive forum chats where members and subscribers can respond and chat under Topics/threads created by us personally or converse freely under their own. (Fans/Superfans can create topics/threads)

This prompt is also meant to serve as a disclaimer and reminder that all content posted on this website, is produced exclusively by DTComix and is all copyright material. 

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